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Your first gift is here!


Anthony Harold

On this page you can download your first gift, a collection of exclusive posters featuring the book's characters. This is just the first installment featuring ten heroes. There are many more in the upcoming epic sci-fi book sensation The Closed Tunnel. All are vivid, distinctive, and likely to leave a mark on your heart.


You can download the zip file with all the posters at once (in which case you'll get a bonus poster not shown here), or you can choose the specific characters you like best. Each file is in PDF format and prepared for printing up to A2 size. ​If you would like these posters in a different format or prepared for a larger final size, just send me a personal email at

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Anthony (Tony) Core
Malina Ribovich
Anita Rosenberg
Garry Krambach
Mason Lundstram
Big Hugo
The Yellow Man
Leonard Hurghacz
Dr. Emma Lewis

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