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Cyprus Dance Film Festival

In October, Anthony Harold attended the Cyprus Dance Film Festival, supported by the sci-fi publisher Deep Immersion.

Anthony Harold is currently writing a book, The Closed Tunnel, and was invited to the Cyprus Dance Film Festival by Deep Immersion's editorial director, Elena Nazarova. It was a great opportunity to talk to journalists and discuss the possibility of signing a publishing deal for the author's next five books.

Anthony commented: "A reporter from Cyprus TV asked me if there is a scene I could never write.

"And here's what I may tell you. NEVER let ANYONE tell you that you can't do something.

"There are enough restrictions in our lives. That's why we become writers, readers, and dreamers: to remove those limitations and create our own worlds. Even if a subject is difficult for us, maybe writing it down or reading it through will be a powerful cure.

"I believe that books can heal the soul, inspire change, shape our lives, and invite us into new, undiscovered worlds. We can do this and more, even if we don't fully realize the power hidden in our words and thoughts.

"I was excited to discuss a possible collaboration with Deep Immersion. The main thing now is to finish the first book so that a contract can be actually signed."

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