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Anthony Harold

The author of the upcoming science fiction book series The Closed Tunnel

Officially, he likes...







But in confidence, Anthony loves to...


Hack science


Dance (Oh Lord)


cosplay on Halloween


make content for socials


Explore underground


create videos

Facts about Anthony Harold

His alter ego is The Yellow Man, a mysterious superintendent of the underground Hearton City from his first sci-fi sensation, the book The Closed Tunnel. Anthony has learned so much about the underground world that it's time to share his stories with you. But before you start reading, you should know that Anthony Harold... 


...has Ph.D. in Economics


...has a master's degree in physics

3 an expert in Laser Engineering and Technologies


...has worked in the space industry for almost 15 years



...has lived in Cyprus for 18 years


...not only writes books, he creates universes


...dislikes most modern movies
because of plot holes


...likes not only sci-fi, but also thrillers and magical realism

For our media friends

Anthony Harold is the author of the upcoming sci-fi sensation The Closed Tunnel. This book explores underground cities connected by ancient tunnels and will hit shelves on February 4th, 2025.

Anthony holds a Master's degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Economics. He has an impressive background of nearly 15 years in the space industry, including developing space-based laser systems and managing finances for a rocket company.

Anthony dislikes most modern movies due to plot holes, so he prefers to read and, better yet, write. He's passionate about delving into the mysteries of Earth, exploring ancient history, and studying the wonders of techno-civilization.

He lives in Cyprus with his grown son, a lively Jack Russell terrier, and his talented wife, who doubles as his editor and marketer. Anthony enjoys spending his free time on the tennis court, jogging along the coast, and fishing.

Author's bio, high-res photos, cover of The Closed Tunnel, book blurb and Press Release. Will be available soon.

Digital art exhibit
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Anthony Harold aka The Yellow Man from The Closed Tunnel

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