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The Closed TUnnel


Marketing plan

soon - on June 21st


Sell Sheet

soon - on June 21st


Press release

soon - on  June 21st


Book Club Kit

soon - on June 21st

Release Date

February 4, 2025

other formats

Special author's hardcover edition -  March , 2025

Audiobook - April 8, 2025


© Anthony Harold, 2024

Start of pre-orders

May 21st, 2024


hardcover: 979-8-9889235-0-3

paperback: 979-8-9889235-2-7

Kindle: 979-8-9889235-1-0

e-book: 979-8-9889235-3-4

Book series

The Closed Tunnel: 5 books in a series

Initial FOrmats:

Hardcover, paperback, e-book, kindle.


Deep Immersion

Worldwide rights for English version

Release frequency

One book every 1.5 years. The second book is to be published in 2026.


soon - on June 21st


About the publisher

Deep Immersion (IBPA member) is a new independent publishing company that bridges the US and Cyprus markets. We create, edit, publish and market exclusively science fiction book series.

We come from the arts industry and are still passionate about supporting artists and media events. No contradiction here: we love to be unique, just like our artists and writers. 


In May 2023, we organized an AR exhibition Games We Play with paintings coming to life that gathered around 1000 visitors. Our media partners included Radio NRJ Cyprus and Cyprus Mail. We also became the official art partner of The Night of The Ad Eaters in Cyprus, Cyprus Music Video Festival & Award, Cyprus Dance Film Festival & Award, Cyprus ComicCon 2023, and the Digital Di art gallery in The Rooftop Bar Limassol Agora.

In 2024, we are partners of the new Cyprus Music Video Festival and Cyprus Fashion Video Festival.

We support indie booksellers, bookstores, and libraries. We are eager to organize giveaways and fulfill ARC requests, but cannot currently accept unsolicited manuscripts from authors.


Deep Immersion is happy to collaborate with anyone in the industry, from book bloggers and clubs to publishers and fellow authors.

Feel free to contact Editorial and Marketing Director Elena Nazarova with any ideas and queries!

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Let's Connect

Connect with the publisher (any questions, requests for ARCs and cover quotes, offers of collaboration, and all media inquiries):

If you have any ideas or stories about the underground world, feel free to send them in an email to Anthony Harold:

Connect with Anthony on social media pages of The Closed Tunnel project:

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